Costs and charges

Professionally managed investing should be as cost effective and clear as possible, so we've made sure our investment platform fees are competitive and transparent

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Investment and wrapper

As investment platform providers, our costs and charges reflect the careful management provided by our in-house investment team across risk driven asset allocation, governance, fund due diligence and ongoing rebalancing.

For our SIPP charge, there are no additional charges for going into drawdown or taking income and charges don’t apply to clients under 18.

And, our “cliff edge” (also referred to as a sliding scale) custody charge means that when the total value of your clients assets falls into a given band, they pay that charge for all assets, not just the proportion in that band.

    DFM Charge (passive)0.12%
    DFM Charge (active)0.24%
    Dealing charge (for fund switch and rebalance purchases)0.45% (≈0.05% p.a.)*
    Parmenion SIPP charge£18+VAT per quarter

    *Assumes a 12% turnover rate - for guidance only, actual turnover may be more or less than this amount

    Custody band*Charge
    £0 - £299,999.990.30%
    £300,000.00 - £599,999.990.25%
    £600,000.00 - £1,499,999.990.20%
    £1,500,000.00 +0.15%

    *A minimum monthly custody charge of £5 per client applies for clients over 18.

    Here’s what your client might pay

    To give you an idea of what your client might pay, here’s some example cost of ownership breakdowns for some of our most popular solutions.

    £100,000 non-SIPP portfolio in Risk Grade 5, as at 30/06/2021. Other fund related costs may apply, please run an IMR for an accurate reflection of charges.

    Investment SolutionCustodyDFMDealing*OCFTotal
    Strategic Passive0.30%0.12%0.05%0.15%0.62%
    Strategic Conviction0.30%0.24%0.05%0.43%1.02%
    Strategic Ethical Active - Profile C0.30%0.24%0.05%0.60%1.19%

    *Assuming a 12% turnover rate - for guidance only, actual turnover may be more or less than this amount

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