Terms and Conditions


These Terms set out the rights and responsibilities you have with us as a Client and form a legally binding agreement between you and us (except where expressly stated). Section 1 must be read in conjunction with the subsequent additional sections should they apply to the service we are providing to you, not all services will apply to all clients:

  • Section 1 – Platform Services
  • Section 2 – Additional Terms for the GIA (General Investment Account)
  • Section 3 – Additional Terms for the Stocks & Shares ISA and JISA
  • Section 4 – Additional Terms for the Parmenion SIPP
  • Section 5 – Additional Terms for Discretionary Investment Management Services
  • Section 6 - Additional Terms for Advisory Services
  • Section 7 – Investments, corporate actions and risk warnings
  • Section 8 – Definitions

Your Financial Adviser will be able to guide you if you are unsure which terms apply to you.

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