Terms & Conditions Update - August 2023

We recently made some updates to the client terms to bring them in line with new processes and offerings.

Here’s a quick summary of the changes, and if you’d like to view the latest terms, click on the link below:

  • We’ve updated what ‘application date’ means and clarified the signature requirements in section 1.4 Application, for clients who move to Parmenion through the Platform Switch Service.
  • In section 1.7 Appointing an Adviser, we’ve clarified what your Adviser can instruct on your behalf and what happens when you no longer have an adviser (known as becoming ‘unallocated’).
  • In section 1.8 Instructions and Communications and 2.1 Joint Accounts, we’ve clarified what happens for instructions where we don’t have an example client signature on record.
  • In section 1.13 Dealing, Counterparties and Order Execution Policy, we’ve explained what happens if we don’t have a valid LEI (e.g. national insurance number) on record. And that you can phase investments over both 6 and 12 months, not just 6.
  • In section 1.24 Charges, we’ve clarified when different charges will start to be taken from your portfolio.
  • We’ve made your cancellation rights easier and clearer in sections 2.5, 3.9 and 4.13 Cancellation.
  • We’ve updated section 3. Additional terms for the stocks and shares ISA and JISA, to reflect the fact that they’re now flexible, including what types of withdrawals count as ‘flexible’, known as “Qualifying Withdrawals”.
  • We’ve updated section 4.10 Taking benefits, to clarify what happens when you start taking benefits from your pension, particularly Pension Commencement Lump Sums (known as tax free cash).
  • We’ve also made some updates to clarity throughout.

Terms and Conditions


These Terms set out the rights and responsibilities you have with us as a Client and form a legally binding agreement between you and us (except where expressly stated). Section 1 must be read in conjunction with the subsequent additional sections should they apply to the service we are providing to you, not all services will apply to all clients:

  • Section 1 – Platform Services
  • Section 2 – Additional Terms for the GIA (General Investment Account)
  • Section 3 – Additional Terms for the Stocks & Shares ISA and JISA
  • Section 4 – Additional Terms for the Parmenion SIPP
  • Section 5 – Additional Terms for Discretionary Investment Management Services
  • Section 6 - Additional Terms for Advisory Services
  • Section 7 – Investments, corporate actions and risk warnings
  • Section 8 – Definitions

Your Financial Adviser will be able to guide you if you are unsure which terms apply to you.

Read our updated Terms and Conditions here