Our exclusive Affinity partnership offers exceptional adviser firms the opportunity to work with Parmenion Investment Management (PIM) as our appointed Investment Adviser.

For financial professionals only
Please note:
  • The information on this page is only suitable for financial professionals.
  • Past performance is no indication of future returns and investors could get back less than they pay in.
  • There’s no guarantee that models or funds will meet their objectives.
  • The value of investments can go down as well as up.
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Reduce risk for your business

With an Affinity partnership, while you have influence over investment decisions, the ultimate investment responsibility remains ours. We can’t totally eliminate your business risks, but we can help to reduce them in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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Save time with our tech

When you’re managing an investment proposition and dealing with clients, time is of the essence. Our discretionary management software does all the heavy lifting of investment solution admin so you can focus on what matters: the investment decisions.

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Add value with our partnership

As our appointed Investment Adviser, you can run one or more discretionary investment solutions, based on your existing model portfolios and investment philosophy. As a result, you’ll have more time and space to build stronger relationships, retain happy clients and attract profitable new ones.

With the introduction of Parmenion and our Affinity partnership, we are now more fleet of foot when monitoring, managing and maintaining our client portfolios, which in turn meets our regulatory obligations.


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