Discretionary Fund Manager choice

We’re proud of our multi-award winning in-house DFM, but we recognise advisers want choice. That’s why we also provide access to a range of other DFM providers on our investment platform.

For financial professionals only
Please note:
  • The information on this page is only suitable for financial professionals.
  • Past performance is no indication of future returns and investors could get back less than they pay in.
  • There’s no guarantee that models or funds will meet their objectives.
  • The value of investments can go down as well as up.
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We have the technology

Our investment platform technology is built from the ground up for investment management. That means that as well as offering our own highly rated, award-winning investment solutions, we can also provide access to a host of other well known DFM providers to support your Centralised Investment Proposition, like Tatton, LGT and more.


Don’t see a DFM? Let’s talk

We regularly add new DFMs, so if you use one as part of your centralised investment proposition and can’t see them, get in touch with us to talk about your options.

Talk to us about getting your preferred DFM on our platform.