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Location: Bristol, Exeter, Torquay and London


Using Parmenion since: 2019

Investment Proposition: Affinity (read more here)

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Easy to work with, organised, and pragmatic, we enjoy a great working relationship with Parmenion

David Burridge
Investment Committee Chair & Client Manager

1. Why did you choose to partner
with Parmenion?

Parmenion understand the role of investment management in the context of financial planning. This broader context helps them provide a valuable contribution to our business from Investment Committee through to implementation with clients. This joined up thinking makes them a great partner for a financial planning business like ours.

2. What does Affinity bring to your business?

The Affinity partnership has been transformational in that investment administration is vastly reduced, clients receive a  continuous, consistent investment journey aligned with their risk profile in our optimal portfolio, and CRMs can focus on adding value with holistic financial planning. It provides a simple and efficient way of powering the investment engine of our clients’ financial plan. The fact Parmenion use the same systems to power their own Investment solutions means that they have skin in the game and a vested interest in making things work well. We’ve found it helpful having them join some of our Investment Committee meetings to give a fresh perspective through competitive collaboration.

3. How does the Affinity partnership benefit your clients?

Our clients benefit from having our latest thinking on our investment portfolios implemented promptly rather than waiting until the annual meeting, and appreciate the reduced administration.

They can be confident investment portfolios are kept up to date and regularly rebalanced. Knowing this is handled means we can spend more time talking about the things that matter to them.

Our clients appreciate the intuitive functionality of the platform when logging in and the quarterly reporting on all the details (if they wish to review this information). Many clients don’t really see or value necessary investment administration, so we are still able to report to them in our traditional way - just much more efficiently behind the scenes

4. How has the Affinity partnership added value to your proposition?

Working with Parmenion has streamlined the implementation and ongoing investment management practicalities for clients. This means we can spend more time with them working on their financial plan and bringing their money in submission to their life goals.

Existing clients receive an improved financial planning and wealth management service due to the increased efficiency of necessary investment administration. This reduces the risk of error for the client and the subsequent potential cost to our business. Using Parmenion also allows financial planners to scale their client book, as capacity is significantly increased to focus on the real value of wider financial planning for existing and new clients.

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