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Using Parmenion since: May 2015

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Parmenion has enabled us to become more efficient

Sam Liddle
Sales Director

About Church House Investment Management

Church House Investment Management (Church House) is a private investment management company that offers discretionary and fund management services to to private individuals, family groups, trusts and charitable foundations. Church House focuses on risk management and the provision of returns to match their clients’ needs and expectations. This requires a close relationship with their clients and dictates a genuine personal service. They secure long term relationships with their clients and their families by delivering performance in line with their expectations and appetite for investment risk. They are an independent company and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

A note from the Director

It was a simple choice for us to select Parmenion. It offers us a unique solution with its award winning service, Discretionary Fund Management capability and innovative technology. It has enabled us to significantly reduce the time spent on our operational processes and meant we can focus more resources on delivering additional value to our clients. In short, we have become more efficient and have reduced the level of risk we previously had within our business. From the outset, Parmenion was extremely proactive and keen to build a solution that was right for our business. They had many ideas about what could meet our needs and were amenable and open to suggestions. They have definitely been the ideal partner for us.

What business challenges were you facing when you elected to consider Parmenion as a partner?

Our challenge was working out how to make discretionary management affordable and accessible for a broader range of clients. To do this we needed to develop and deliver a lower cost discretionary managed solution that was powered by a more efficient and scalable infrastructure than our current operating model. The high level of investment required in technology to make this vision a reality made outsourcing the right decision for our business. Furthermore, once the decision was made, we were able to be live with our new proposition in a matter of weeks.

How has Parmenion helped to secure your business objectives?

Parmenion has enabled us to broaden our client value proposition by offering a managed portfolio (CHAMPS) service, to compliment our bespoke offering. As a direct result we can appeal to a wider market and grow our revenues. Outsourcing to Parmenion, an investment solutions and technology business, has allowed us to manage costs and provide a better service. As the Parmenion proposition develops we are able to take advantage of enhancements and provide more value to our clients.

How has Parmenion supported the development of your business?

Parmenion has added value to our business throughout the process. Our experience and engagement has been very positive on both the operational and business development side of things. As we transitioned to Parmenion, they were very helpful in training our staff and implementing the service.

What were you looking for in a partner?

We were looking for a partner who would spend time understanding our business and clients and work out the best solution for us. Parmenion were very accommodating and proactive at all times. They made it easy to do business.

How would you summarise the benefits of delivering an investment proposition powered by Parmenion?

The benefits to our business have been a reduction in risk and an increase in efficiency across our processes. It means we can expand our proposition safe in the knowledge we have the infrastructure to deliver a compelling client experience and to support our growth for years to come.

How have you been able to develop your proposition as a result of partnering with Parmenion?

The CHAMPS service is an offering we are able to offer our own clients and the clients of the professional intermediary market. As the proposition is powered by Parmenion, we believe that will be a very important feature for financial adviser firms, who already acknowledge the strengths of their technology and administration services.

What have been the impacts on your operational processes?

We have been able to save time on our operational processes which has resulted in us freeing up staff to focus on activities, which improve the client experience. Outsourcing has also helped reduce some of the process risk that we had within Church House.

Why did you choose Parmenion over a number of potential partners?

Parmenion offers a unique solution. Their service combines an award winning platform, DFM solution and intuitive technology. When matched with the enthusiasm and capability of their people it was a simple choice and the perfect solution for us.

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