Corporate Governance

The Parmenion Board is responsible for the proper management of Parmenion Capital Partners, the Board currently meets at least four times a year. The Board has overall responsibility for overseeing and controlling the activities of the business, making decisions in relation to the strategic direction and measuring progress towards this. In order to ensure it has effective control over the activities, it has established an Executive Committee, as a sub-committee of the Board, which has formally delegated duties and responsibilities under formal written terms of reference. This sub-committee is accountable for the implementation of governance arrangements that ensure effective and prudent management of the firm, including the segregation of duties in the organisation and the prevention of conflicts of interest and delivery of the strategic plan.

The Board and the management body are responsible as follows:

  1. has overall responsibility for the firm;
  2. approves and oversees implementation of the firm’s strategic objectives, risk strategy and internal governance;
  3. ensures the integrity of the firm’s accounting and financial reporting systems, including financial and operational controls and compliance with the regulatory system.
  4. oversees the process of disclosure and communications;
  5. has responsibility for providing effective oversight of senior management.
  6. monitors and periodically assesses the effectiveness of the firm’s governance arrangements and takes appropriate steps to address any deficiencies.

To help the Executive Committee meet its obligations is has a number of underlying committees who have authority to act within their individual terms of reference.  The Risk Committee reports directly into the Board, whilst the other Committees all have Executive Committee member representation to ensure issues, decisions and control measures are appropriately escalated to the Executive Committee as necessary.