Why we’re making some changes to how your platform looks

An illustration showing various UI elements from our platform and how they're branded for an advice firm's colours

We take great pride in providing you with a platform that supports your working processes, brings ease and efficiency to your business and makes life easier for you and your team.

And that’s why we are always looking for opportunities to be even better.

This month, the Parmenion platform will be given a fresh new look to improve the experience for our users. Everything you’re used to seeing is still in the same place, and everything you currently do works just as before. All that’s changed is the way your platform now looks on screen, so here’s a quick summary of the main changes and why we’ve made them.

Close the left hand menu in the platform

You’ll see a toggle button on the top left of your screen that you can click to open and close your left hand menu. That means you can create a clean, clear workspace to get on and do what you need to.

Left Menu

More white space in the dashboard

Using white space reduces ‘visual clutter’, making it easier to take in what’s on the screen and find important elements on a page. For anyone with cognitive and learning disabilities, white space can reduce reading difficulties and improve understanding of the information presented.

The platform now has simplified icons

We’ve always used icons as helpful shorthand symbols to highlight everything you can do on the platform, so we’ve made sure each one is a clearly understandable image for what it represents. Now, when you or your clients hover over the icons on screen, you’ll see them highlighted in your brand colour. 


Add your brand to our investment platform

While your platform has always featured your logo, wherever possible it will now feature your distinctive brand colour throughout the screens too. This puts increased emphasis on your brand or visual identity, providing a reassuring and familiar environment for your clients.


Improved investment platform accessibility

We’ve also paid close attention to colour and colour contrast – an important element of website accessibility and making sure that our platform is as easy to use for everyone. 

Colour contrast is particularly important for people with impaired vision or colour vision deficiency, but for older platform users, it’s important to consider that the amount of light that reaches the back of the eye reduces with age. Low colour contrast can also make reading difficult on smaller screens or in bright conditions.

A screenshot of our platform's adviser Dashboard

Helping advisers support your clients

Applying these changes to your client portal means any clients who might be classed as vulnerable or have disabilities or impairments should be able to find the information they need easily. And as we enter into a world of Consumer Duty obligations, where quality of communication with your clients is in the spotlight, we hope our platform enhancements will make a real positive difference for everyone.

You’ve read about the changes, now watch the transformation in our 60 second video.

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