Making managing Direct Debits even easier

Screenshot of the updated Manage Direct Debit Contribitions tool on our investment platform, on a peaceful beach landscape background

We’ve been working with advisers like you to prioritise features on our investment platform that really make a difference to you and your clients.

In our latest development, we've updated our Manage Direct Debit tool to make it brilliantly easy for you to set up a single Direct Debit across all Parmenion wrappers (GIA, ISA and SIPP).

How does it work?

In the “Add Direct Debit” screen on the Manage Direct Debit tool, as well as selecting individual portfolios, you can now select “Multiple Portfolios” from the dropdown box. Then from here, you can split the Direct Debit multiple portfolios:

A screenshot showing the updated Managed Direct Debits tool options available for setting up Direct Debits for multiple portfolios on our investment platform

Streamline your existing Direct Debits

You can also use the updated tool to see where existing Direct Debits for your clients can be consolidated (if you do this, just remember to cancel the old ones in the tool as well).

Continuously updated investment platform technology

Everything we do is designed to help you manage your clients’ wealth and retirement needs more efficiently and make your life easier.

Please do let us know what you think of our latest developments, and if you’d like to talk about our development plans for the 2024, get in touch with your RSM.

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