Let's Grow '22

For financial professionals only

The day

100+ advisers, paraplanners and experts joined us for thought-provoking day. Let’s Grow ’22 saw a range of speakers who each brought new and different perspectives to the challenges ahead in 2023 and beyond.


2023 investment outlook

Who will or what will pivot first? PIM’s MD Peter and James from Goldman Sachs Asset Management discussed the key factors hanging in the balance that could impact markets and investments in 2023 and beyond, from central banks and China to the Ukraine conflict, the UK/US dynamic and the growing importance of sustainability.


The future of advised clients

At a time when it's tempting to concentrate on the here and now, it’s important to keep an eye on what lies ahead too. Futurologist Eleanor Winton shared the findings of a new report looking at the potential profile of advised clients by 2030 and explored a range of scenarios we should all be prepared for.


Future wealth – a panel discussion

Tom McPhail invited Eleanor Winton, our Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Lyons and Helena Wardle, a Chartered Financial Planner to discuss the four future worlds explored in our new report and the potential for future scenarios to unlock opportunity and value for our businesses and our stakeholders.


Getting value from your platform – our new white paper

Poor service is the number one reason advisers leave platforms, yet it is eighth on the list of filters when advisers carry out research on platforms. Chief Commercial Officer Mike Morrow and Altus’ Kevin Okell discussed why it’s time to light the touch paper under due diligence and think outside of the tick box.


The weight of expectation and Consumer Duty

The regulator demands more evidence-based reporting. Customers struggle with information overload and choice paralysis. Mike was joined by PIMFA’s Simon Harrington and Paradigm Norton’s Dan Atkinson to discuss the impact of Consumer Duty and its role in supporting stronger relationships between platforms, advisers and clients and delivering good outcomes from every perspective.

If you would like a copy of the future wealth research or the platform value whitepaper, get in touch with marketing@parmenion.co.uk or your Regional Sales Manager.