Strategic Ethical Active - Profile B

Investing in companies aiming to address social and environmental challenges

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A sharp eye on environmental and social issues

This profile may invest across most sectors with a focus on sustainable companies that address environmental and social factors - often leading to overweight allocations to healthcare, tech and renewables. And because it’s positively focused, the funds aim to encourage positive company behaviour through responsible voting practices and engagement with senior management.    

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Costs and charges

Our Ethical Active charges are simple and transparent. For our custody fee, when the total value of your client’s assets falls into a given band, they pay that charge for all their money, not just the proportion in that band.

DFM charge0.24%
Dealing charge (for fund switches and rebalance purchases)0.45% (≈0.05% p.a.)*
Parmenion SIPP charge£18+VAT per quarter

*Assumes a 12% turnover rate - for guidance only, actual turnover may be more or less than this amount

Custody band†Charge
£0 - £299,999.990.30%
£300,000.00 - £599,999.990.25%
£600,000.00 - £1,499,999.990.20%
£1,500,000.00 +0.15%

†A minimum monthly custody charge of £5 per client applies. Cliff edge structure.

Here’s what your client might pay

For a £100,000 non-SIPP Ethical B portfolio in Risk Grade 5, and an OCF as of the 31st December 2023

CustodyDFM ChargeDealing*OCFTotal

*Assuming a 12% turnover rate - for guidance only, actual turnover may be more or less than this amount

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Achieving a sustainable economy requires a massive transition and we’re calling on companies to lead that.

Simon Molica
Senior Investment Manager

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