Active investing

Carefully chosen investments striving to outperform the market

Please note:
  • The information on this page is only suitable for financial professionals.
  • Past performance is no indication of future returns and investors could get back less than they pay in.
  • There’s no guarantee that models or funds will meet their objectives.
  • The value of investments can go down as well as up.
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What is active investing?

When we talk about active investing in our solutions, we’re talking about multi-asset investment solutions built from exclusively (or predominantly) active funds.

In active funds, the fund manager aims to beat the market’s return by selectively choosing individual holdings within the fund. This additional oversight typically involves more expense, but with that comes the potential for outperformance.

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Our results driven active investment strategy

Our highly experienced team rigorously review chosen active funds on an ongoing basis, ensuring they remain the optimal choice for portfolios.

We segment the fund universe to find those that have consistently delivered above average returns with lower than average risk, then use a range of quantitative and qualitative metrics to find the best possible blend of funds for our active portfolios.

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Our active investment solutions are managed in line with changing market conditions, with our range of tactical and strategic options designed to help you meet your clients’ investment objectives.

Jasper Thornton-Boelman
Investment Director