Nick Elston: Talking Anxiety

Nick Elston is an International Inspirational Speaker on Anxiety, Mental Health & Resilience & Founder of People Development business Forging People. He’s going to be speaking at The Financial Wellbeing Conference on the 19th of June and here’s a flavour of what to expect in his own words…

Some things you may not attribute to Anxiety

As some of you will know – in my Keynote Seminar ‘Talking Anxiety’ – I share my own experiences of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) & heightened Anxiety.

Most importantly I share my ‘lived experience’ tips, tools & techniques to help manage Anxiety in Life, Education & Business.

My unique take on this is that I focus on what Anxiety DOES – not what it IS.

What do I mean by this?

I engage my audiences on how Anxiety affects so many everyday situations & behaviours;

  • The decisions we take + the ones we don’t.
  • The opportunities we go for + the ones we don’t.
  • The relationships we choose + the ones we choose to stay in.

In summary, it’s how Anxiety keeps you locked in your comfort zone and massively limits your success in life, by your own definition.

Some prime examples of this;

Assumptions – do you negatively predict the outcome to things in life or assume worst case scenario – but when you check back on this – none of it ever happens!

Bad decisions – we have all messed up – right?  We have all made bad decisions.  But then we compound them with BIGGER mistakes & WORSE decisions because we do not leave the position of fear & Anxiety!

Money – do you constantly chase satisfaction or pleasure in the pursuit of material objects – only to want MORE soon after?  You may even keep spending above your means and drive up debt and credit.  We try and find peace in superficial pursuits – only to increase the Anxiety when we put ourselves in debt.

Most of this comes from conditioning, learned experiences & self-narrative.

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